Chargers should be on the phone right now with Antonio Gates

With Hunter Henry possibly done for the season, the Chargers are reportedly weighing whether or not to bring back future Hall of Famer Antonio Gates.

He’s fine, Lynn said. “We just held him back because we can.”

“Basically, the school where I feel most comfortable at, great academics and very competitive football.”

Sillah’s teammate (and classmate) Izaiah Henderson is well on his way to 20 offers, as well. But the two stars’ decisions aren’t tethered to one another, he says.

“No, it doesn’t really matter to us. It’s whatever school feels best for him and whatever school feels best for me. So it’s not really like a priority.”

Sillah transferred from Franklin (N.J.) his sophomore year and hasn’t looked back. For now, he’s just living life — enjoying his blessings and preparing himself for his final high school campaign and college future, while teams throughout the Northeast continue to clamor over his signature.

Via Cam Inman of the San Jose Mercury News, the Bay Area had hoped to be in contention for Super Bowls LVII and LVIII, which are expected to be awarded to Arizona and New Orleans, respectively. The Bay Area will now turn its attention to the next two games — Super Bowls LVIII and LXIX — to be played in 2025 and 2026, respectively.

Per Inman, San Francisco (actually, San Francisco) is expected to compete with Las Vegas, Dallas, and Indianapolis. Eventually, the league will select the cities to approach with the opportunity to host the game. Until then, however, plenty of politicking will be taking place.

For San Francisco (actually, Santa Clara), the challenge becomes flipping its perfunctory hosting opportunity into a semi-regular spot. With a four-city rotation envisioned (L.A., Vegas, Miami, and Arizona or New Orleans), each half decade will include one wild-card spot.

As to Super Bowls LVIII and LXIX, it seems that Vegas will get one and that the other three cities would be in the mix for the other.

While the offense is more of the same, the defense has a completely different look.

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